GIVE ME A HUGSocial Love
DESCRIPTION A deep veil full of feeling and memories. Its captivating roundness will take you to a  delicious  state of relaxation, calm and protection. This fragrance knows how to comfort souls.  NOTES  Bergamot, Peach Ylang, Dry wood Vanilla, Musk 
MOMENTOUSUniversal Love
DESCRIPTION  The Momentous fragrance reveals a charming rose in full bloom enchanted by bergamot and the scorching shade of saffron associated with plum.  Momentous offers a moment of deep sophistication thanks to its heart warmed by the deep and dark base...
DESCRIPTION  Oublie Tout   is   a harmonious blend of powerful and varied essences. This fragrance was inspired by an expedition to an arid desert, free of people and probably of splendour. Unexpectedly, a solitary rose emerged, trasformino the bleak landscape into...
DESCRIPTION  Crypte Perfume offers a vibrant and lush summer trip. This fragrance was inspired by the perfect combination of earthy and sweet notes for the summer. Its patchouli note recalls a beautiful sunny and sensual day.  NOTES Black tea, black pepper, Pink Pepper, Elemi, Powdery notes,...
TERRIFICBlinded Love
DESCRIPTION  A wonderfully unexpected fragrance of character. Its complex construction mixes peppery, fruity with woody notes. Captivating and intense, it contrasts the aromatic note of the plants with a delicate floral bouquet. To enchant the skin before a day of elegance and enchantment. ...
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